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Holden's Hope

To put programs in place that help

There are many people that are becoming entrenched in a battle with substance abuse disorder. Whether involving a relative or a close friend, there seems to be nowhere to turn for support to help navigate the uncertainties that come with addiction. Oftentimes, for people seeking support with getting help for their relatives or friends, it's not only whom to talk to concerning this battle, but how does one reach out for help and when? Due to the stigma that comes with substance abuse disorder, we typically remain quiet and we end up fighting this battle alone with no reinforcements to help when the going gets tough. And in this battle, it's always tough.

Recently, we've met a mother who wishes to change this stigma and motivate families and people battling substance abuse disorder to be encouraged to share their truth.

After losing her son to a substance abuse disorder, Tarah reached out to us to share her son's story and her intent to help other families and people who could be experiencing the same hardships that she did. Her message is a great one: You Are Not Alone. She has decided to start a Tribute in her son's name (Holden) that will fund programs to help provide support for people and families now battling a substance abuse disorder.

To read Tarah's letter and to donate to the fund, please click below:

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