Daily Devotions

Devotions are held daily before breakfast at 9:00 am (Monday - Friday). Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in voicing concerns and lifting up prayers. Through this practice, we enjoy and grow closer to each other and to Christ.

Bible Studies

Every Tuesday Bible Study is held at 4:30 pm

Disciple Workshop

Short Term Studies

Computer Lab

Open to the public during normal operation hours.  


We provide wifi and a computer lab with desktop computers so that people have access to online tools, word processors, printers, resources for resumes and online classes.

Daily Meals

Served Monday-Friday 

Serving both breakfast and lunch.

Meals cooked in house, catered, and donated.


Due to the pandemic, we've also started providing Take Out Lunch in the back of the building on Thursdays from 12-12:15pm. 

Standard Essential Services

We understand the trials and hardships that come with homelessness. So each guest at Opportunity House will have access to our clothing closet to receive adequate clothing for each season (winter, spring, summer, fall); access to free washing and drying machines to keep clean clothes; toiletries like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and personal hygiene items; and access to full bathrooms with showers. Each essential service listed, has been tailored to provide a dignified experience for all house guests. We also offer tents and backpacks as needed for our chronically homeless guests.  

March 2021 - Edited by Opportunity House Staff.

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