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Cabarrus County Community Reentry

Let's start moving forward

The purpose of the Cabarrus County Community Reentry Program is to create a process that will provide support services and assist individuals returning from incarceration or treatment.  Individuals who are overcoming the challenges associated with navigating barriers to employment, education, health, sobriety to reduce recidivism and relapse will receive wrap-around services provided through our Peer Support program that will empower participants in developing a productive life in our community.


Barriers individuals encounter following release are often crippling and can contribute to the cycle of recidivism which makes it difficult for even the most well-intentioned individual to stay on the right path and out of the criminal justice system.  To overcome these barriers Opportunity House and AYA House, along with several other community providers have partnered together to provide services in the following areas:

Obtaining personal documents (ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate)

Referral to community resources for physical health, substance abuse or mental health concerns, vocational assistance, and housing

Opportunities for education, life skills, and job readiness training

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Trauma informed therapy

Group and individual counseling

Substance abuse counseling

Case management

Peer support

Transitional housing

How do I get started

If you're returning to Cabarrus County from incarceration or treatment services within 12 months of your release date and desire to move forward toward stability, you're eligible for the Cabarrus County Community Reentry program. 

This program is being administered by both Opportunity House and AYA House. Applications for services can be found here.  Please send completed forms to:

Laura Tolbert, Case Manager:

Dennis Brown, Program Director:

Or contact director Dennis Brown by phone (704) 939-8370.

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