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Our Team


Laura Tolbert

Faith Community Nurse


Phone: (704) 786-4020

Laura started going to the Narrow Gate services at Forest Hill to do blood pressure screenings. It became very clear that the people in that Faith Community needed a Faith Community Nurse desperately. She has since fallen in love with our community!


Laura spends her days listening to stories, referring to doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists and therapists, detox and rehab centers, Social Services and the Health Alliance, education and housing resources. She educates on medications, health conditions, money management, anger management, and relationship management. She also provides prayer, clothing, food, and for right now, socially distanced hugs! 


Every individual Laura meets brings a new perspective to her life and she looks forward to the challenges and blessings each day brings.  She feels God has guided her entire career path toward addressing the needs at Opportunity House.  She often says, "I couldn't be anywhere else!"

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